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Others are tasting the Latin flavours of destinations like Costa Rica, Honduras and Margarita Island, Venezuela, or the history of Cartagena, the fortress town that once guarded treasure-laden Spanish galleons against the likes of Sir Francis Drake and Henry Morgan.Mind you, modern-day treasure hunters are more likely heading for the bright lights and sensational entertainment of Las Vegas and its casinos.More Programs » The Keshen Goodman Public Library, which sits at the gateway of Clayton Park’s Mainland Common, is a 25,000 square foot library with a collection of over 100,000 titles.This uniquely-designed structure opened in 2001, and it boasts a 20 foot ceiling and a cozy café with a fireplace.It is part of who we are, and can at times lead to terrible sadness. And yet, it is something that health and social care isn’t comfortable with. No-one is mentioning that they love each other and may get married.As social workers you would think that our profession would be there when people needed help and support with love – it’s sort of in our job title. Whilst I find the term ‘making love’ a bit toe-curling, it was safe to say that none of the people who got to hear the intimate details of whatever happened between that loving couple stopped for one moment to consider it to be anything other than a physical act. No one is talking about how their lives have been enhanced through love.There’s a song by a band called the Wedding Present which like so many other songs is about falling in love. It’s about that moment when you meet someone for the first time. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep and yet despite this, as the song goes, you ‘can’t even remember the colour of her eyes’.The song connects with that first fleeting moment when a returned smile and a burst of shared laughter on the walk home together means everything.

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When your world is filled with subsequent endless telephone calls to each other (it was written in the mid 80s before text). The bit where the massive risk has paid off, even if it’s only momentarily.

I know it’s different for everybody but that song has always resonated with me because that’s how it feels when it happens.

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But in my career, I have found the most significant block in terms of our thinking about supporting people to experience the love, with all the risk it brings. The words sex and relationships in social care are invariably linked to risk and danger and professional worry, rarely love. They often skip their allocated day centre to spend the day together travelling on buses.


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