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____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Hear them on Internet radio Playing deejays, Taiwanese girl band S. As for Hebe, 25, she transforms into the cynical Madam Xi Bi, who plays agony aunt to young girls troubled by affairs of the heart.When asked to comment on how love changes her two partners, Hebe said in a press release that Ella becomes ’silly and naive’.Wu Zun was just embarassed and laughed saying: “Not really, Ella is like my younger bro, she would come to my room every night.” After everyone enjoyed the feast, Ella expressed she would really like to experience a hardcore love relationship, and said: “From the start to entering the coffin, a woman will still want a love relationship.” Selina also disclosed with “lawyer guy” is hard to develop, and since tempting for program “Kang Xi” the interaction with the show assistant Chen Han Dian has been attracting. E, the bubbly trio Selina, Hebe and Ella have turned themselves into music deejays.Selina says: “Before I gave my number to him, and even said clearly don’t like me, if you like me, I’ll ignore you.” So after that speech it’s a small chance they’ll be together, Selina was afraid of hurting Chen Han Dian, then explained: “Chen Han Dian is like my younger brother. Since 23 Sep, their chirpy voices have been heard every night on a special Internet radio website set up by their record label, HIM Music.“We feel that we would set a good example with this album.” When asked how they handle the bad moments in life, Selina says she would talk non-stop to friends and family and would then feel better afterwards. “I try and do something else, which would distract me from sad things. On their 22nd birthday, fate brought them together.I believe that the more you obsess on bad things, the worse you get and the more difficult to extricate yourself.” Meanwhile, Hebe says she would seek the warm and loving embrace of her friends or family. stefanie sun credit: playmobil @ asianfanatics 4rum. In an upscale restaurant, Zhou Jianlong, the chairman of Zhou Group, celebrated the 22nd birthday of his step-daughter, Xinlei.The girls feel that the album, in the form of a radio programme, is a brand new concept that is more down to earth, and which signifies that they are not little girls any more.


The story goes that Selina told Jay one day that she wanted to sing a song like his hit number An Jing (Quiet), and he wrote a similar tune for her within five minutes.‘But I’ll try to rationalise it, thinking that his phone is running low on batteries or there’s bad reception.’ On their new album, the girls said it has been an unhappy year filled with disasters such as the Sichuan earthquake, and they want to send ‘waves of hope and joy’ to the world with their happy-go-lucky tunes.


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