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Architectural/Historic/Cultural Significance The National Register nomination identified the importance and significance of the site and building under three Criteria.The property is noteworthy under Criterion A as it has significance to the cultural traditions of the Kumeyaay people and as a coastal archaeological site of great antiquity having traditional association with the Pacific Ocean.The original residence was never intended to serve the overlapping criteria of private residence and public venue, and for 40 years had done neither effectively.After 60 years the entire mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure was substandard or failing.In the Building Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Recommendation Report, the Executive Architect, Ione R.Stiegler, identified character-defining features, the condition of the building, and provided an evaluation of its significance and integrity using the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.Once cleared, a drill rig would continue to the required depth.



Cast in place concrete trenches were created to accommodate new subterranean lines for sewer, water, fire suppression, gas, electrical, cable and telephone.

The site was researched using non-destructive methods.

Archaeologists scanned the open areas with Ground Penetrating Radar.

In 2008, the owners revised their plans to demolish the condemned residence in favor of rehabilitating the historic structure.


The complex rehabilitation involved coordinating ten sub-consultants and working with an extensive community based Advisory Group.

This National Register resource is used as both a chancellor’s private residence and a public space for university symposiums and events.


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