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For information about the Children's Ministry program, contact our Children's Ministry.Where do I take my children for Sunday morning service? If you have a special-needs child, please check with the Children's Ministry Office to find out what options are available to you.Located in Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui, Harvest Kumulani serves both the local community and the many tourists who and are looking for a church home away from home.Kumulani Chapel merged into the Harvest family in 2016 and features authentic Hawaiian hospitality, biblical teaching, warm fellowship, and engaging worship with island flair.a nonprofit, exclusively donor-based MEGA-SITE with well over ¾-million text files and over 65-thousand images Christian Answers is entirely dependent on volunteers and visitor contributions for its support and operation Our Statement of Faith Contribute • Answers about God and the Bible • About the Bible ( kids’ version) • Angels • Christmas • Contradictions • Bible Encyclopedia • Faith vs.Our mission is to "know God and make Him known." To that end, we place emphasis on the study of God’s Word and the proclamation of the gospel message.We are committed to helping people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature in Christ.At Harvest, you will experience friendly people, cutting-edge worship music, and relevant messages, in a comfortable environment. By visiting our webcast archives you can gain a glimpse to what an average service experience looks like.


For more on what we believe, view our Statement of Faith.Check-in kiosks are located on the right side of the foyer.These stations allow you to check in your child electronically and inform you which classroom to take them to.The Woodcrest campus, located off of Van Buren Boulevard, serves the Woodcrest, Orangecrest, and Mission Grove areas of Riverside, and utilizes the facilities of Woodcrest Christian School.

Featuring live worship and a direct video feed of Pastor Greg's message, the Woodcrest campus offers a great alternative to driving "down the hill" for local residents. The Children's Ministry is available for infant through fifth grade children during our Sunday service.

The Children's Ministry is located in Topher’s Place on the hill. Family seating is also available for Sunday morning services in the Ministry Resource Center ( service) or The Court ( and services). The driveway to our parking lot can be found at the north end of Adams Avenue, and can also be accessed from Arlington Avenue.


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