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You’ll definitely want to keep all of those conversations, but you can’t do that . It may take a while for your Android phone and your computer to happily talk to each other, so you may have to be patient – but whatever you do, do not disconnect your Android phone.

Note: You might need to first enable USB debugging on your Android device.

Tip: If you want to transfer Whats App messages Step 5: The very last thing that you have to do is to pick the i Phone that you want to transfer all of the Whats App conversations to.

This should be quite easy, especially if you only have one i Phone connected to your computer.

The tool bar at the top of the program screen should have an option called ‘Transfer Messages from Android to i Phone’.

If you can’t see it, go to File, and then choose the same option.



The date they provide is a rough estimate and by no means represents the date you will get an email from AT&T.The program will ask you to check that you’ve got everything right, and when you are happy with it you can click ‘Confirm’ to start the transfer process.Zwar bietet Apple inzwischen eine umfangreiche Notiz-Applikation auf i Phone und i Pad an – diese kann seit i OS 11 auch Dokumente scannen, Screenshots bearbeiten und vieles mehr – wer jedoch auf der Suche nach einem schlichten bzw.Top Tip: If you don't have separate SIM cards for your Android and i Phone, you can keep your SIM card on your Android device to receive the Whats App verification SMS/call with the verification code that will be needed to activate and run Whats App app on your i Phone.

Alternatively, you can also backup your Whats App messages of your Android to the local database of this program by clicking the "Backup Messages" button, connect your i Phone to your computer and restore/transfer these Whats App chats to your i Phone.

Mobile phone companies are getting better and better at getting Android contacts to transfer easily to i Phone contacts, and they are now even starting to be able to move text messages and phone call records.


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