Christian kane who is he dating

I showed up with Alissa and friends to his restaurant he didn’t” appear” to be happy but he did recognize us.

Many fangirls, myself included, have been following Kane’s career since he portrayed Lindsey Mc Donald on Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel. You can check out some of his music directly below.Hello Jennifer Stoker, Are you claiming that your daughter Alissa Haley Barosh’s father is actor/singer Christian Kane? I was in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega and he was an ATO pledge.Yes, Alissa Haley Barosh’s biological father is Christian Kane How and where did you meet Christian? We were having one of our sorority philanthropy called “Mr Spring Fling”. Did Christian leave you while you were pregnant or after you gave birth? He said he was not ready to be a father and didn’t have “cash” ( a term he used a lot).(I asked Jenny if she had any photos of her and Christian Kane together. However she was able to find the 4th photo down that I have now added.


She stated that it is a photo of Christian’s parents with Alissa as a baby.

Have they had a relationship with their granddaughter?


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    The natives whom the missionaries found there were idolators, ancestor-worshippers, and worshippers of the sun, moon, and stars, of animals and birds.

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