Ct law dating restrictions


In determining the degree of risk, the Administrator may consider the individual's state of health, his physical capabilities, the physical and mental requirements of the job, working conditions and the existence of any medical documentation concerning the individual's limitations.Where an unreasonable risk to the individual's health is established, the Administrator shall find the work to be unsuitable for the individual.The Administrator shall not consider an individual’s prior patterns of unemployment in determining whether he is available for work.For the purposes of this section, "pattern of unemployment" means regularly recurring periods of unemployment of the claimant in the years prior to his filing the claim in question.The Administrator shall consider an individual's previous wage level in determining the suitability of work offered.Previous wage level means wages, salary, or benefits most recently received by the individual prior to the establishment of a claim for benefits, except that in establishing a previous wage level, the Administrator may consider other than the most recent earnings where: The Administrator shall consider length of unemployment in determining the suitability of an offer of work.


The Administrator shall consider an individual's prior training, experience, and skills in determining the suitability of work offered.

99-123 of the Public Acts, after publication in the Connecticut Law Journal on October 10, 2000, of the notice of the proposal to amend such regulations, and the holding of an advertised public hearing on the 15th day of November, 2000. Approved by the Attorney General as to legal sufficiently in accordance with Sec.



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