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Super jug in this beautiful old shape that so many collectors love. The jug was made in c1840,the enamel painting is still vibrant but as usual there are some flakes missing,this is normal.

The jug is a large one,there are a couple of minor flaws,one faint handle flaw and manufacturing flaws that have been glazed over.(This is usual with this type of ancient pottery)For sale at £125 post included UK. This is a serving plate so a good size,10 inches at the widest point.

The painting although restrained,is all hand painted,and this makes it a desirable item for your collection.

It was possibly made in Swansea,the handle has a well known Swansea inward tilt.

It dates from c1840's and is in very good condition.However the late Gaudy Welsh always has the manufacturer's name on the items, as opposed to the early wares which were 95% unmarked. I truly love it and am so grateful you took a chance on Florida again. The lid has no damage,so it has been well looked after over the years. This set is particularly nice as it has a pink/purple lustre hand painted background addition which shows as a really lovely pattern.c1850in excellent condition (small firing flaw underneath the cup) £65 the set Superb Cambrian Swansea pottery pouch jug/Dillwyn period in hand painted Gaudy Welsh colours c 1835.Please refer to the end of this section for Gaudy Welsh Reference Book. I can't wait to get it into my other home and behind the glass lighted cupboard. Please ask for full description of this lovely item,and such a great age!! This is a lovely Swansea jug in excellent condition.There are a few minor paint chibbles,but all commensurate with the long period of 180yrs since this jug was made.

The painting in Gaudy Welsh colours is as bright as the day it was applied. Lovely Gaudy Welsh cup and saucer and large Bread and butter plate that is 9.3 inches in diameter..The Tulip pattern has also been called the Welsh Daffodil, and the Oyster pattern the Smoking Indian.


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