Dating of non carbonaceous materials industrial revolution radiocarbon dating

The largest individual stone ever recovered, weighing 1770 kg, was part of the Jilin meteorite shower of 1976.Chondrite falls range from single stones to extraordinary showers consisting of thousands of individual stones, as occurred in the Holbrook fall of 1912, where an estimated 14,000 stones rained down on northern Arizona.They contain abundant chondrules, sparse matrix (10–15% of the rock), few refractory inclusions, and variable amounts of Fe-Ni metal and troilite (Fe S).Their chondrules are generally in the range of 0.5 to 1 mm in diameter.Ordinary chondrites are distinguished chemically by their depletions in refractory lithophile elements, such as Ca, Al, Ti, and rare earths, relative to Si, and isotopically by their unusually high O compared to Earth rocks.Most, but not all, ordinary chondrites have experienced significant degrees of metamorphism, having reached temperatures well above 500 °C on the parent asteroids.The chondrules in a chondrite that is assigned a "3" have not been altered.




An article published in 2005 proposed that the gravitational instability of the gaseous disk that Jupiter formed from generated a shock wave with a velocity of more than 10 km/s, which resulted in the formation of the chondrules. The various chondrite groups likely originated on separate asteroids or groups of related asteroids.

The net result of these secondary thermal, aqueous, and shock processes is that only a few known chondrites preserve in pristine form the original dust, chondrules, and inclusions from which they formed.


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