Dating programme paddy mcguinness

The 49-year-old was still known as Patrick back then judging by his name badge, when he attempted to win over female audience members in the hope of securing a date.

While Paddy is dressed simply in black jeans and a matching V-neck, his curly tresses are a long way from his very short 'do nowadays.

I love that.”Although he juggles Take Me Out with other telly roles – and has just announced another series of The Keith and Paddy Picture Show – he insisted: “I still enjoy the job. ”After a decade on Take Me Out – where 30 women decide if they’d like to date one man – Paddy knows exactly what girls want.“The biggest turn-offs for girls is if a lad still lives with his mum – for some reason the girls don’t like that. It was lovely.” Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror But his efforts weren’t always so successful – and he even gave one date whiplash.“We’d been for something to eat. "I didn’t hear from her again – I don’t know if it was the whiplash or the fact I was in a red Ford Sierra.

It could be either/or really.“Thank goodness there weren’t ‘Where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ ads back then.” ITVLet the groom see the bride: Who are the Take Me Out couples who found love and married after Fernando’s?

It aired during the early hours and saw the eventual winner take someone of their choosing for a night out together.

Speaking previously about signing up to the ill-fated shown, Paddy commented: "I did God's Gift when I was about 19 or 20.

All my mates have ­partners, are married or not ­interested so I’ve no one to fix up.“I channel all my energy into the people on Take Me Out.” Hattrick/ITVBut he added: “I get a lot of people asking about the show and then saying, ‘Can you fix my mate up?

"But I think our ­contestants are still in the ­mindset of meeting someone in the flesh, speaking to them and seeing if they get on.”Take Me Out returns tomorrow at 6.45pm – with twists. Adele Vellacott and Dave Cobain became the first couple from the hit ITV show to get married after meeting in series two in 2012.

Paddy says although ­dating apps ­today have made ­meeting people easier, face to face is best.

“When I was younger you’d go out, meet someone, take their number and ring their house thinking, ‘Oh, please don’t let their dad pick up the phone.’“All that’s gone.

But the pair later found each other on Facebook, got engaged six months later, married in May and are expecting their first baby.

lifeofbeckie/Twitter It took four years from meeting on series five for Robyn and Stuart Smith to say I Do last April.

I was a lifeguard, and in the staff room they put a notice up saying, 'ITV looking for lifeguards for this show'. And we all went down there and did auditions and I was the only one who got on.


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