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Auto Europe has lots of convenient pick-up locations and a large rental car fleet in Sicily, so finding a car rental in Siracusa is easy!

On an island whose lush vegetation is attributable not only to its warm climate, but also to the fact that it sits in the shadow of an active volcano, Mt.

Aetna, a rental car in Siracusa, Italy, will provide you with an easy and efficient way to see the sights.

Check out nearby Catania, famous for its wild nightlife, or lovely Palermo and Messina.

Founded by the Ancient Greek Corinthians in 733BC, Syracuse (or Siracusa to the locals) is an ancient city that Cicero described as 'the most beautiful of them all'.



With a car rental in Siracusa, Italy, on the island of Sicily, take full advantage of this island paradise!

All rooms come as standard with private bathrooms, hairdryer, air-conditioning, double glazed windows, soundproofed doors, Satellite LCD colour TV, electronic safe, mini bar, free Wi-Fi & direct line telephone in addition to a range of services if desired. Check out our Rooms page for more details or our Photo Gallery for a more visual presentation.

Welcome to Grande Albergo Alfeo, a luxury 4 star hotel near Ortygia in the centre of Syracuse, Sicily.

If you're searching for unbeatable rates and top-notch service, rent a car in Siracusa, Italy, with Auto Europe.


We strive to meet your needs with our price match department and our excellent customer service, to ensure that you're more than satisfied with your car rental in Siracusa.Steeped up to its ears in history, culture and tradition, this small city is a peaceful vacation destination offering you all the charm of old-style Sicily as well as every modern amenity you could wish for.


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