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With this catalog, souri, location, we also were involved in several otherand our right to save seeds.

Check out the events thatwe hope to share our passion for these incredible seeds events!

This year brings several changesand additions, including our larger catalog which nowhas 196 pages, up from 128 last season.

This year weare printing 310,000 copies and now printing on re-cycled paper.

We also have an Ipad edition and animproved website for you to check out!

We hope youenjoy all the new varieties and photos we have addedthis year, including some of the best varieties we haveever offered.


It featured thou-able variety of rare and unique vegetables and flow-world, and there is no better way to do that than by sands of varieties of heirloom crops, animals, foodsers.

Our daughter Sasha is now four years oldand is becoming quite the little gardener, and she alsoloves to spend time in our greenhouse on cold days,watering the plants and talking to the quail that livewithin.

It is our goal to get more children interestedin gardening, which is the reason we offer free seeds23.

So at the age of 17, he print- We boycott all gene-altering the first small Baker Creek Heirloom Seed We are not members of the pro-GMOcatalog in 1998.

The company has grown to American Seed Trade Organization! farmers, gardeners and seed growers to Baker Creek carries one of the largest se- bring you the best selection of seeds avail-lections of seeds from the 19th century, includ-able!

Our other big news is that our maga-zine, the Heirloom Gardener, which we have publishedsince 2003, has grown from 48 pages to 84 pages andhas become a more professional publication that is nowon the newsstands!


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