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You can usually get the pay stub paper at Staples, Office Depot, Officemax, Sams Club and similar type stores or you can get it online at: Laser Cartridge Plus If you don’t have check paper no worry, we will send the pay stubs in regular format and you can just print them out on regular paper.When it comes to developing add-ins for Microsoft Project you cannot be blamed for feeling that MS Project is a bit of a second-rate citizen in the MS Office suite of products.To add your own custom task pane to MS Project, first add a new User Control to your project.

To add the controls to the context-menu that is displayed when a user right-clicks on a task in the Gant Chart view, add it to the Context Menu Names property of the ADXRibbon Content Menu control: For all Office applications, the Context Menu Names dialog window displays a list of all the available built-in context-menu names.To do this, you first need to add a new ADXRibbon Tab component to the Addin Module designer surface.Add-in Express provides a rich designer for visually designing your MS Office ribbon tab.Nevertheless, if you find yourself developing an add-in for MS Project, Add-in Express has you covered.

In this article we’ll take a look at how to customize the MS Project UI, using the tried and trusted Add-in Express for Office and . To create an add-in for MS Project, create a new ADX COM Add-in in Visual Studio.Add-in Express also provides a visual editor for the backstage view, which is a good thing as the design for a backstage view can quickly get very complicated.


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