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True to character, Cher responds with “I In other cases, the musical typecasting serves as lighthearted character assassination. In an interview with Idolator, Rachtman said that Heckerling considered Radiohead to be a “whiny whiny band.” Radiohead were undoubtedly a force, but they were a sly one at the time, having just released premiere.Josh Lucas (Paul Rudd) is introduced by way of the “maudlin music of the university station,” as Cher begrudgingly calls it. ” The droning, sad croon emanating from the kitchen belongs to none other than Thom Yorke. Rachtman was initially nervous to ask Radiohead if she could feature the song in the film, especially since Cher refers to them as “maudlin” and “whiny.” But the band agreed and ended up contributing a live acoustic rendition of “Fake Plastic Trees,” which had been included as a B-Side on the song’s single release.It doesn’t surprise us to learn that Travis has “by far the most tardies in the class” because we already know that he’s a huge NIN fan who wears a drug rug.When the “mysterious” (gay) newcomer Christian Stovitz takes Cher out on their first “date” (platonic hangout), he asks her if she likes Billie Holiday.Twenty years after it premiered in 1995, the humor in is just as biting and timeless, but its aesthetic definitely isn’t.For older fans, it’s a throwback, and for younger ones like myself, it encapsulates an era that we missed out on.It’s fitting, really, that this movie turns 20 this year because the ’90s are back in full-swing — guitar-driven rock, chokers, , etc.Each of Heckerling’s characters embodies a mid-’90s trope to such unabashed, dramatic heights that they become winking parodies of themselves.


Moments before, the sensitive-male-who’s-really-just-an-asshole, Elton, begs to be dismissed from class because he can’t find his Cranberries CD.

, performed by Slow Burn Theatre Co., is a new musical comedy straight from Broadway!



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