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In the final round she won with 57 percent of nearly 1,500 votes.

She'll appear at the parade Saturday in way-below-freezing temperatures, which will kick off at noon and loop around the stadium to form a giant zero.

Dorsey said she understands the criticism of the parade, where fans think that it's making a joke out of the team. "I see it more as there's no reason for us to get angry ...


Gino Diridoni (paralegal in Roseville, CA who prev.Always grateful to be a part of this family Eo ELmb -- Cassidy (@Cassidy ROswalt) January 4, 2018 Oswalt said she was born a Browns fan, and although her family has moved all over the country, most of her father's family are loyal to the brown and orange. "It's great to be back around Browns fans," she said.


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