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Tour, and wanted to share with others who might be considering this vacation, or have already booked it and are curious about the details.[2016 update: Although the current Tauck tour has a little different itinerary from the one we took, the overall experience looks similar enough to where my review should still be helpful.] We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this vacation!Our Tour Director Giorgio was there, checking people's names off his list, making sure each piece of luggage had a Tauck luggage tag, and getting an exact luggage count from each traveler.

On the morning of Tauck "Day 1", we walked back to the airport.

This packet included: As we always do, we chose to arrive the day before the tour started.

This can eliminate much of the stress associated with flight delays, canceled or missed flights, baggage delays, etc.

We then easily found one marked "Trotta" on the side.


There was someone there who directed us to the correct Trotta coach for our particular tour.This form is for people who are making their own transportation arrangements rather than booking the flight through Tauck.


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