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    It all started in a Church after my secondary school education. There was this group I used to act with and back then, we did a movie about ‘NEPA’. I was also in Out of Luck by Niyi Akinmolayan and I did a stage play for Wole Oguntokun at some point and we also did a film together. I have worked with a lot of big acts like Ruth Kadiri, Ramsey Noah, Alex Ekubo, Mofe Duncan, Omowunmi Dada and a lot more people. Also, I like Joke Silva, Funmi Awofiyebi and when I watch their movies I pick and relate it to my works. I like Genevieve because she is reserved and Mercy Johnson because she gives her all when she is acting.

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    One seems to be at the 'James Laing' yard & the other at the 'Joseph L. A correspondent has suggested that the image, of 'Laing's Bend', dates to the 1930s, before Laings built their main berth launching downstream. Per 1 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Gayner, of Sunderland, who I now see still owned the vessel in 1908/09 per Lloyd's Register ('LR'). 1910, the vessel was dismasted off La Plata, Argentina, & was towed in that condition into Pernambuco, now Recife, Brazil, ii) that in Mar. Kirsten), of Hamburg, since the vessel was sold by them, in 1898, to 'Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft Kosmos' (DDG Kosmos), also of Hamburg. The nearest island was 2 miles distant & at dawn a scouting party went to the island & sought help from 4 Maldivians gathering coconuts. It also was engaged, however, in other areas, including the carriage of cotton & grain from New Orleans, likely to Manchester.

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    Many times, the guys wouldn't balk initially when I told them my height, but the bias became pretty apparent once we met in real life.

  5. eric   •  

    If a triggering statement omits a column list, the trigger is fired when any column of the associated table is updated.

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