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Foucault’s shortcomings –does not address sexuality’s variation across age, gender, class, race, etc.

and not describing how individuals create sexual identities, are sustained across social institutions, etc.


Sexual abberations are not necessarily abnormal- only abnormal when fixated or too focused on pleasure (or replacing heterosexual intercourse).Instructions on creating a Parent/Guardian account are available by clicking the READ MORE link below.Valerie Willan, a Ph D student with University of Calgary is conducting research on Cyber-Based Dating Aggression in Chestermere High School starting May 2017.Castration anxiety as a fear of feminization, association with mother, reinforces identification with father.


Sexuality, Marxism, and Feminism Discipline and control of capitalist marketplace requires labor force (reproduction) – yet, simultaneously desexualizes and mechanizes production (stripping away sexuality, repression).

Gayle Rubin (#5) – argues that sexuality as connected to gender, but not direct expression of gender – complicates the relationship between these two – sex then is about desires, acts, identities, and politics which are not totally reducible to gender – sexual oppression has power dynamics within systems of sexuality.


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