Hospital accomidating bariatric


I have recommended Dr Ho to many friends who all go to him and all think highly of him.Now my children are grown up they all still go to him knowing he will correctly assess them and treat any issues. An absolute gem and we are lucky to have him in Canberra.He used to be a surgion and i have found that knowledge helpful in diagnosis. Minh Ho made an immediate diagnosis of ovarian cancer when he saw me at CALMS in September '11. His rapid diagnosis meant that my surgery took place quickly at Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.

While in hospital it was a coincidence to bump into another one of this doctor's patients who was having some toes removed.

I would highly recommend this very knowable and kind doctor to anyone! I have never had nicer breasts before - they are the perfect shape and size and very symmetrical. He is definitely one of the best and I highly, highly recommend! Mc Kenzie performed reconstruction flap surgery after I had MOHs surgery for skin cancer and half my nose removed. I didnt need any lipo, just the tummy tuck, and little to NO pain, I was off the pain meds less than 4 days later.

He rebuilt my nose from forehead flap and after several follow-up visits my new nose looks great! Got my tummy tuck on November 6th/2015 tina was amazingly helpful, got back to my countless emails and phone calls. very comfortable waiting to go in for surgery, and he was amazing after.

His surgery completely fixed my breathing issue as well as gave me a whole new look to my nose. His reconstruction with different implants has made all the difference in the world!!!

Previous scar tissue has been rectified and hardly noticeable. Had a simple procedure done, liposuction under my chin but felt I was given the same attention as a more complicated and ( expensive ) procedure. He fixed my nipple drooping as well, and reduced the size of my areola which make things look even better.

Agree with the previous comments on not responding so well to the emotional issues linked to investigations.


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