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The main argument with pasta that has been ongoing for centuries is who invented pasta.The traditional method for making has to be made in a very precise way or else it will lack quality.Now pasta was beginning to make its way across the world introducing itself to the countries that would eventually come to love this simple food. “Even though Thomas Jefferson had brought pasta to America as early as the late 1700’s, the food didn’t become widely popular in the country until 1880-1900 when large numbers of Italian immigrants came to America, bringing pasta with them.” (Ackerman, J.). The Arabs are the ones who ended up thinking of boiling pasta first. “We can thank Arab traders who would bring dried noodles along on their very long trips to the Orient. The Arabs did, and they realized that this dried pasta along with a little boiling water was a quick, hot and easy to carry meal.” (Ackerman, J. Because Pasta was small, light, and could be preserved for a long period, it was the perfect meal to have on long trips. This created problems on how to mass produced pasta when demand rose.

Due to recent discoveries, most historians now agree that the Chinese are the most likely to have invented pasta.All that was required of the Arabs is some pasta, boiled water, and they had a hot meal with them always. In fact, it was centuries before someone thought of using tomatoes as a sauce. Mostly because tomatoes where rumored poisonous because they are in the night shade family. Unfortunately, it seems he was never able to perfect his machine to its fullest extent.

“By the 1600s, in an industrial revolution in Naples, a process was invented to extrude the dough through a mechanical die, allowing for the large-scale, efficient production of pasta. Then the pasta had to dry for a precise amount of time and be kept in controlled heat, or the pasta would be ruined.


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