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Negative public perceptions and even family remarks can cause relationships to waiver depending on each partner’s personal comfort zone.

This could mean one partner is more comfortable being affection in public while the other may not feel safe to act this way.

KDKA-TV is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp.

and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.

Just be sure to keep an open mind, especially if it’s for someone you love.

This particular struggle really pulls at the heartstrings.

“It’s important to challenge disapproving family members about their bias.

“I believe it’s important for people to seek support and understanding from their family,” he says.You should never have to feel ashamed of who you are or who you love.


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    The word transsexual is most often used as an adjective rather than a noun – a "transsexual person" rather than simply "a transsexual".

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    But my elected haven wasn't a mecca for eating or praying.

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    Embedded in this dust are presolar grains, which predate the formation of our solar system and originated elsewhere in the galaxy.

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    In a media culture hurtling by at an increasingly frantic pace, a percentage of the audience can be counted upon to seek out any such novelty.

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