Is ryan tubridy dating aoibhinn

Ryan Tubridy is one of Ireland’s most eligible bachelors as he confirmed he is still single - but ruled out finding love on Tinder.The 44-year-old Late Late Show presenter is RTE’s highest earner, taking home €495,000 in 2015, and has been solo since his high profile five year relationship to former Rose of Tralee Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain ended in 2014.We're on air about a year now and it's been a tough learning curve.It's changing for the better and I'm learning from mistakes. I'll go to the grave learning.'The 38-year-old also insists that reducing the show's timeslot by a third to only two hours dramatically hit their ratings.The Radio One presenter weighed in on the controversy over RTE wages, saying only those who tune into his shows and his RTE superiors could decide whether he’s worth his paycheck.When asked if he thinks he’s worth nearly half a million euro a year, Tubridy said: “The only people that can answer that are the listeners, the viewers and the bosses.”While his Late Late Show predecessor Pat Kenny famously faced backlash over his salary from the public while presenting The Front Line, Ryan said he has been lucky to escape backlash.“Strangely no… I’m under no illusion as to my good fortune,” he said.“I think we look at the Late Late Show and it has big bought the house with his former flame, Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain, more than two years ago, but 12 months later they pulled the plug on their relationship.



The celebrity singleton, who has two teenage daughters with his TV producer ex-wife Anne Marie Power, said he’s very protective of personal life when it comes to love.“I don’t really get into a discussion about that because you have to have a part of your life that is your own,” Ryan said.“I’m happy to talk about a lot of stuff but when it comes to the heart, I keep myself to myself.“The Late Late is an odd phenomenon, when you present it you become quite well known.“I was waiting for a Ryanair flight and I was being filmed and photographed…You’re on, as soon as you leave your house.“I don’t mind, you’ll go to the pub and people will come up and want a photo.


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