Keisha chante dating chris brown

I really benefited from speaking weekly with her and I always looked forward to that time of the week!In three months of work with Lucas, we covered a large range of issues - all of which were addressed meaningfully and with great care and wisdom.She knows how to pinpoint the heart of the issue, and ask questions that make you think and dig. She’s understanding, and caring and downright hilarious at times.She's also smart about sharing helpful, supplemental resources on different topics, from relationships to finances to spirituality. She’s a lot like talking to a friend, only smarter about how to help you.Whenever a hurdle seemed insurmountable, Lucas was encouraging and honest and I always felt like I had a positive guiding hand through every challenge I have been facing.I was once full of self-doubt, self-hatred, depression and anxiety, and now I can safely and happily declare I am on a better path with confidence, self-love, and peace.Let alone any other aspects of her nature, insights, and character I am unaware of. Alexandra has been a lifeline for me in my recovery process.


She is extremely attentive and personable and really helped me break some things down that I was unable to do for myself at the time.

10/10 recommend La Rita has been excellent at getting to the core of my problems.

She was able to understand quickly what was happening in my situation and offered great exercises and solutions.

I was able to tell her my deepest and hardest secret and she responded very kindly and made me feel better.

She replies every day in a timley fashion and very thoughtfully.I appreciate that she takes an interest in what and how I’m doing and contacts me when she hasn’t heard from me for a couple days.


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