Long term effects of dating violence


Survivors, as well as friends and family, should be aware of the long-term effects of sexual assault and the resources available to aid in the healing process.This handout presents some issues that survivors may confront after an assault.As in other aspects of recovery from assault, your partner's needs should be of primary concern and should guide your actions.Your partner's attitude about sexuality may be an impact on you.They may experience dramatic mood swings, crying spells or panic attacks, become irritable and short-tempered, and have difficulty making decisions.Survivors may also develop which is the result of a traumatic experience, especially person to person crimes such as rape.

Talking with someone who understands can help survivors sort out the emotional aftermath of a sexual assault.

Friends and family should have patience with the healing process.

It could take weeks, months or years for the healing to take place, and healing time varies from person to person.

If you are single, take time to decide if and when you want to share your experience with potential partners.

Communication is the key to maintaining healthy intimacy.Those who are close to someone who has been assaulted may also seek counseling.



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