Mormon polygamy dating website dating in wyoming

Author's website: mormoncounterfeiting MT Comment: I personally attended the Oct 2017 Ex-Mormon Conference in which the author, Kathleen Kimball Melonakos gave a presentation on early Mormon counterfeiting.

Based on nearly 10 years of research, conducted in Vermont, New York, Illinois, Missouri, and Utah.

They are something to look down up, something to despise.

Their social hierarchy will attack you on the spot.

When you look at the fact that their religion is unbelievably sexist, racist and homophobic, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

After all, if you give women, blacks and gays rights, who are they going to look down on?But by far the creepiest fact of all – Ever have a wild guess where the whole polygamy thing came from? It came from the fact that Smith couldn’t keep it in his pants, and wanted a way to justify it.


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