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Risks Typically there are no risks from oxygen treatment as long as you follow your doctor's instructions.

But oxygen is a fire hazard, so it is important to follow safety rules.

In fact, they apparently live, on average, about as long as people who don't run much at all. The study found those who ran consistently over a six year period gained the most health benefits: 29 percent saw a lower risk of death, and 50 percent had a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.


Oxygen is usually prescribed to raise the Pa O2 to between 60 and 65 mm Hg or the saturations from 90% to 92%.

Arterial partial pressure of oxygen (Pa O2) is between 56 mm Hg and 59 mm Hg, or oxygen saturation is 89% and you have: Evidence of right-side heart failure due to breathing problems (cor pulmonale). An increased number of red blood cells (erythrocytosis).

Arterial oxygen saturation is greater than 88% when you are resting but becomes less than or equal to 88% when you are exercising or sleeping.

Regular use can reduce the risk of death from low oxygen levels.1 To get the most benefit from oxygen, you use it 24 hours a day.


An arterial blood gas test should be done first to see if you need oxygen.

Higher flow rates usually do not help, and they can even be dangerous.


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