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I kept asking myself if this lifestyle was what I really wanted for the rest of my life. Sit in small town Connecticut or New York for the rest of my life? I took one look at how my friends were living and said: “Fuck that. 'We began this as an interesting solution to the problem we encountered with the distance from the bottom of La Poudre to our base 30 miles away back in Fort Collins,' says David Costlow, the head pigeon keeper at Rocky Mountain Adventures.After weeks of fighting eventually Passchendaele Village was captured, which lay five miles beyond the start of the offensive.Precise numbers are hard to define, but the number of dead is thought to be 325,000 Allied troops and 260,000 German.The British fought alongside countries that remain key allies today, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Belgium.Among those who fought in the battle was 'The Last Tommy', Harry Patch, who died in July 2009 aged 111.It had been decided that if 1917 would be the year of joint offensives to finally break the German army.Passchendaele is know for its heavy casualties but also its terrible conditions.

I worked dutifully for a year, and even though the job was great and I was paid well, I got tired of the same schedule 7 days a week. If you don’t know my story – I ended up moving to China for over a year and came back to a startling revelation: I came back to friends living the exact same lifestyle since college — three, four years after college they had their 9 to 5 (that almost all of them hated), boring lives (by choice), and a cozy little complacent life that was slowly killing them. So if you’re here, I’m gonna guess that you’re one of two people. You’re young, you’ve got some options, you have no freaking clue what to do.

By 1917 medical treatment had improved, with train stretcher-bearers and blood banks being developed.



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