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For the dice, it would be fun to use a large square (empty) box wrapped in paper and painted with dots like dice (did someone on FLTEACH suggest this recently? When s/he arrives the pion would ask the questions needed for CLUE, teams consult, etc.This Gator was brought in because it was blowing out LOTS …



It was a great idea, big dice like that for class activities.) I haven't tried this game--if you have room in the classroom, it could be a fun way to accommodate active early adolescents and use the vocabulary you've targeted.

Sometimes I let them help name the streets, which is also fun. To just practice the words for places, you could play charades where they act out what they do in a place and the group has to name the place.

They seem to like the assignment, and I find it fun too. Then you could get your kids to practice directions by giving them oral or written directions that they have to follow. Give them a time limit - 5 min to write the directions and 3 minutes to get the items. Another idea to practice directions is to have the kids write directions to some place or item in the school ( ie. They are to write the directions without the final destination clarified (you check them) and then they switch directions with someone else and see if they can find the place.

The students get simple maps of a city with the names of the places typed on them. Henley ====================== 96/12 From- Subject: Re: places and giving directions and houses How about life-size CLUE game--put signs up around the classroom to identify various rooms of the house, play in teams (4 maybe).

After they know the names of places I also use a modified version of the verb (dice game). Last time I put them into groups and each group designed a room and labeled it.



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