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While South Asians and Chinese represent the two largest visible minority groups in Canada, the National Household Survey shows that they are the least represented in mixed unions.

The survey also suggests that about 85 per cent of Canada's mixed unions involve a person from a visible minority group and a white person, as opposed to two people of colour, a revealing stat that hints at the discrimination between minorities.

"When you see a Black guy and an Asian girl," Jermaine notes, "it's different.

You don't see it often." There's a reason for that.

" Sure, that might sound limiting and beside the point.

But they ask because they have no expectations about what the answer might be. "We're asking just so we can start constructing a visual." Karol and Jermaine represent a growing generation that has absolutely no familial barriers or cultural baggage weighing down an interracial relationship.

"One woman was so flustered by us, she couldn't even pour Suzy a cup of tea," JJ recalls.

"I can't think of anyone who is Spanish with Spanish, Black with Black or Sri Lankan with Sri Lankan," says Karol.

The couple say they rarely even take notice when they see other interracial couples, but there are exceptions.

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga play the interracial couple, whose marriage was illegal according to their home state of Virginia's anti-miscegenation laws.

They took their case to the Supreme Court in a landmark civil rights fight that they won in 1967.That sort of racial hierarchy, passed down from colonial times, is not just in the mindset of parents. Dating site OKCupid has been reporting its users' racial preferences for years.



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