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Before we start Jailbreaking, you must make sure your i Pod touch Wi-Fi is working.You must be able to surf the net using the i Pod touch’s Safari.As of today (Dec 2, 2007), we need to jailbreak in firmware 1.1.1.



Double-click on it to run the app, then follow its instructions. But once the multi-reboot process is done, everything will be alright. Just navigate to the “Uninstall” option and pick the app you wish to remove from your i Pod touch. FAQ: Mornin’ Mom, I assume you meant tapping “App Snap”? I can run it, but about 3 seconds in it gives me an error saying it cant connect to my i Pod, and that I should restart my computer and reconnect my i Pod.

You will be able to install Apps & customise your i Pod touch after that. STEP 9: INSTALLING APPS Installing apps is a simple matter of tapping the “Installer” icon, navigating to the “Install” option, and selecting your apps from various categories. You can get nearly all supported apps via the Installer while i Phone’s app such as Mail, Weather, Map, Notes, & Stocks have to be copied over from an i Phone. (Or maybe not since if App Snap fails, there’s no message saying it failed. Hey Jeremy, My i Tunes has been version 7.5 since the day I acquired my i Pod touch. I did both about 5 times and it wtill refuses to work. hey i hae been trying to jailbreak a few times and still end up having my ipod touch in recovery mode…everything works except when i jailbreak for 1.1.2. i just have a problem, once i get to double clicking on jailbreak jar, it says it can’t connect.


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