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Printed version (Basel, Switzerland: Thomas Venatorium, 1540).

Italian translation by Lodovico Domenichi (Venice, 1547).

English translation by Daniel Varney Thompson, The craftsman’s handbook (New York: Dover, 1954).

Herringham, The book of art of Cennino Cennini (London, 1899).

English translation by Francis Macdonald Cornford, Plato’s Cosmology.

VII, edited by Gottfried Stallbaum (Gotha-Erfurt, 1838). translation by Benjamin Jowett, “Timaeus”, in The Dialogues of Plato, vol. French translation by Albert Rivaud in Greek-French bilingual ed., Timée-Critias, in Oeuvres completes, vol. French translation by Luc Brisson and Michel Patillon, Platon. translation by Otto Apelt, Platons Dialoge Timaios und Kritias (Leipzig, 1922).

Italian (Florence, Milan, and Rome, Italy; and Cloux, France: manuscript). English translation by Martin Kemp and Margaret Walker (London: Yale University Press). Spanish translation by Rafael Galvano, Tratado de la pintura (Buenos Aires: NEED, 1999). Photismi de lumine et umbra ad perspectivam, et radiorum incidentiam facientes [1st part]. by Vasco Ronchi (Milan: Edizioni Il Polifilo, 1968), 69-131.


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    : A phenomenological study of border region at-risk Latina/o youth Martinez, Zachary Sean (2016) Defining and characterizing the step in the HIV-1 viral life cycle affected by fullerene derivatives Mast, Allison Marie (2016) The origin of anomalous carbonate units outcropping at the salt sediment interface of the southern end of Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, southwest Colorado Masud, Md (2016) Equation of state of a dense and magnetized neutron system Mata, Christian Armando (2016) Analysis of road vehicle aerodynamics with computational fluid dynamics Matamoros, Mariel Christina (2016) Identification of Leishmania spp.

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