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I couldn't not talk about the things that I felt with other people.Those are big chunks of my life." Adrift after Athens, Beard found herself inspired to continue swimming not by Edwards, but by his rivals Dale Jarrett and Mark Martin, who both won races in their late 40s.They began a volatile relationship that lasted through the 2004 Athens Olympics.Beard writes how the couple had "loud screaming mean fights" and she started cutting herself to escape the pain. "I was trying to figure out how to live in a bad relationship." Beard's star eventually eclipsed Neethling's, something she said he couldn't accept even though she was supporting him financially after turning pro.Her mother moved out and Amanda lived with her father in their Irvine, Calif., home.Her two older sisters were already out of the house.Swimming was the only area in which Beard rarely wavered.



Still plagued by her history of negative feelings about her body, Beard nonetheless parlayed her California surfer girl looks into sexy magazine shoots, including a Playboy spread in 2007.

She was still cutting herself and the unhappiness that Beard had pushed deep inside frequently surfaced in fits of smashing dishes and expensive sunglasses around their house.



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    I should have listened when she stated, “Don’t play hard to get, with a man who’s hard to get.” Instead I got burnt. And so, with that in mind, I thought I’d celebrate its birthday, by giving you 12 MUST READ dating rules that SATC bequeathed us. All photo credits (except where indicated) : PR Photos MORE ON BABBLE10 things all men do but hate to admit8 ways to tell if your man is ready for marriage20 things you should NEVER say during sex9 things I’d give up sex for— would you?

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    Regardless of our plans and our vision of where we will end up, life has its own agenda, taking us down roads we never even knew existed.

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    When she ran out of money, she asked a friend working as a bouncer for job recommendations.

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    Retina is an an automated network vulnerability scanner that can be managed from a single web-based console.

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    The 63-year-old's fortune is almost entirely dependent on resources prices that soared to stratospheric heights during the mining boom before collapsing.'High-rise Harry' Triguboff, 84, was in second with .86 billion, up .9 billion from last year, as Sydney's property boom drove up profits.

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    Most girls even have a variety of sex toys at their disposal, just waiting for you to tell them where to put it and when.

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