Samoan men dating black women


They can’t cook, clean, wash clothes, and have no intention to make a house or cater to a man.” “Black women always want to hit you with that “sista” attitude whenever you say something she disagrees with.Yet, when she’s wrong about something, she’s as quiet as a mouse, never willing to openly admit when she’s wrong.” “Black women are always mugging and frowning for no reason.Their faces were green with envy, because this Caucasian goddess was giving me attention.


Before she walked in, out of the periphery of my eye, I saw a group of Black Men, previously all having separate conversations,simultaneously migrate from their chairs, and stampede towards the huge store front window, like a heard of antelope about to hurdle over Mufasa’s dead corpse. ” – one man yelled with a smirk, obviously referring to the fact, the young woman was “White.” “Ooooo the cutie got a little booty too,” another man generously exaggerated, scrunching up his eyes, mouth and face as he uttered the words “cutie, booty and ooooo” respectively. She smiled at every man in the shop, while accompanying Gus on his homie-hug rodeo. Omg how is your little cheesecake catering business going?

Everything is an act with them.” “Black women treat their man like she’s his mama.

They baby you, constantly correct you, then have the condescending nerve to ask why you’re aren’t acting like a man.” “Black women want to be the man, and wear the pants in the relationship.” “Black women are extremely undomesticated.

This seemingly bold woman was not disrespecting black women with her own words.

She was being loyal to her man’s words, albeit offensive, to his own race.#Ebrahim Aseem Gus, was not an exception to this rule, which is why he was parading his newly wed wife in a Black barber shop, in front of a group of thirsty wolves.


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