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Unlike the Connie Smith recordings, these were one track recordings, not in a finished state.Producer Scott Oliver of Country Rewind Records, took the incomplete tracks and added additional instrumentation, vocal backings and some orchestration to create recordings that would fit comfortably on country radio during the last wave of neo-traditionalism (roughly 1986-2001).On the version featured here, Faron’s vocals have just about reached the tempo of the Mercury recording, Although I like the Mercury version better than this recording, this is a very good recording “Unmitigated Gall” reached #7 in 1966 for Faron.This is a good version although not a revelation and not terribly different in its net effect from the released single version “I Miss You Already” went top five for Faron in 1957.This recording turns it back into a country song with country fiddles and steel guitar being featured prominently in the mix.“A Place For Girls Like You” – this song was Faron’s third chart single, reaching #8 in 1954.

The song is a perfect ending to a very entertaining album.

Many of the tracks were cut on acetate pressings that were intended for a single play on the radio. There is no information as to the additional musicians used on the collection, but Faron’s son Robyn Young wrote the liner notes.


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