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Customer Turns Into Chef After Finding Waffle House Cook Asleep Police say Mull would lure women on sites, such as Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Facebook and Back Page.Investigators say he got aggressive once the women were in his presence, forcing them to take drugs and then raping, assaulting and strangling them.However, according to the complaint, Doerr subsequently began to assert control over her work-life, including allegedly making her appear in his courtroom, and acting “patronizing” and “flirtatious.” In 2010, after their sexual relationship ended, Starnes began dating the man whom she later married, the complaint said.Doerr subsequently began harassing her and her husband, and, after she became pregnant, Doerr gave Starnes job assignments that conflicted with her complicated pregnancy, the complaint said.“The court finds that the challenged averments are arguably relevant to, among other things, plaintiff’s claim that her interactions with Doerr after ending their sexual relationship created a hostile work environment and violated her First Amendment right to free association,” Bissoon said in her two-page order.“To the extent the challenged allegations are potentially prejudicial and/or likely to confuse a fact-finder, the court will have the ability to address these concerns through appropriate pretrial orders and/or careful jury selection, if the action proceeds to that stage.” Starnes’ lawsuit alleges that Doerr had discriminated against her and created a hostile work environment for her and her husband after they broke off a sexual relationship that began nearly 15 years ago.Starnes filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2016, and soon after was placed on a performance improvement plan, the complaint said.



Authorities have tracked Mull through transportation records to Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Chicago, California and Hawaii.28 by Bethlehem police after responding to a welfare check call of a woman at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel.


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