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Waited a couple of weeks before flying back home to Kampala. In June my wife became pregnant again and on February 1st, 2017 she gave birth to a very healthy, although premature, baby boy. she is due 3 weeks after our 1 year date that we came to the clinic! We were all the way in the low percentage pregnancy rate because my husband has had his vasectomy for 15 years but Dr. We couldn't afford IVF and decided let's just do the reversal and then we leave it in God's hands. The procedure was done on March 2017 and less than a year later now January 2018 I got my BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test and due in Sept 2018!! We just wanted to share with you that we now have a beautiful 3.5 month baby girl.

8 months later I became pregnant which ended in a missed miscarriage.My husband was 4 years post vasectomy when he had the reversal in April of 2017. He prayed with us prior the surgery and hummed Christian hymes throughout the procedure.We started trying in mid July and conceived in early September. My husband said the pain was very minimal and overall the whole procedure went very smoothly. Wilson does talk fast but he's willing to go over anything that was said or answer any questions. Wilson to have my reversal surgery after having a vasectomy for 4 years. 2016, we found out that my wife was pregnant with a little girl, but in Jul.It was a funny story because she wrote me a card that said, "Ready to get fat with me? I didn't even get it at first, but once I did I was filled with happiness. My wife gave birth to our daughter, Charis Lorraine Brown on December 3rd, 2017. If I could find him the car of his dreams (a 5.0 convertible mustang gt foxbody 87-92 stick shift ) yeah I know a long list ! In 2015 I spent 3 months searching for this car , at This point my husband had a vasectomy for 17 years .

So looking at the odds we were already unfavorable.

Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy in February of 2016. My husband had his VR on 10/7/16, approximately 8 1/2 years post-vasectomy. When he did the analysis under the microscope in the office, there weren't any sperm on one side and only heads on the other, but we didn't even have to submit a specimen for followup analysis b/c we were pregnant within 3 weeks of the procedure. I'm a bit overdue for sending this to you, the last month has been a bit crazy!


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