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We will continue to work on improving the documentation to help inform customers about what kinds of data is collected and how it is used to make sure that each customer can make informed choices about whether they wish to enable or disable telemetry collection.

In the previous tip we learned that outdated statistics can cause SQL Server performance problems.

It is also possible for firewalls to block telemetry transmission if the customer’s network is set up with such a capability (even with free editions, if you are so inclined).

Please note that this is _not_ a mechanism for delivering features to customers (a la Windows forcing upgrades to Windows 10 or forcing feature packs on customers).

So, please note that there are separate capabilities for how some of those are disabled vs.

how SQL Server’s relational engine or Analysis Services components are disabled.

Microsoft is not collecting sensitive information about your data in the data sent to Microsoft – most of what is being collected is of the form “are you using feature X” and “is the performance of working as we expected?


We are happy to talk with any concerned customers directly if there are specific regulatory concerns about usage data being shared with Microsoft.We expect to deliver features much more quickly in those components going forward – the reason for splitting them is unrelated to usage data.We’re working on improving/clarifying the usage data documentation (which we described to you on the internal MVP forum before you made this post but are not 100% done with yet) so that we can address any concerns that customers may have about this change.Like in prior versions, sending crash dumps to Microsoft shares the memory state of your server in the crash sent to Microsoft and that _can_ contain user data.


Microsoft has policies to restrict the usage of the crash data to improve the product (fix the bug that caused the crash, assuming it is a product bug) and to keep that data within Microsoft.

It so happens we ended up needing to use this capability- we had a problem with the RTM bits that we discovered at the end of the development cycle where a needed patch to the VC runtime was not properly installed.



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