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Telford's canal links the North Sea with the Atlantic via the Moray Firth, Loch Dochfour, Loch Ness, Loch Oich, Loch Lochy and Sea-loch Linnhe.

We cross the canal and head towards Loch Dochfour , passing further gravel mounds on our left at Torvean.

As we leave Lochend on the opposite shore we see Aldourie Castle where the reception for the premier of the film Loch Ness was held.

A picture of the castle on a flat calm day is shown on the left.

Shortly, in the west, a strange isolated hill is seen.

It is a gravel mound deposited by the glaciers ten to twelve thousand years ago.

The taste is slightly peaty, but both the taste and colour can be easily disguised with cheap whisky. As we drive westwards along the A82, after passing Loch Dochfour we pass a charming farm with its myriad ducks, geese and hens as we head towards the tiny village of Lochend .

It remained a town until recently despite having a cathedral.

Here, several times per day, the traffic comes to a standstill while yachts and cruisers laze their way east or west through the swing bridge.


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