Updating php windows

after each upgrade of Media Wiki or after the update or install of an extension that requires a schema update.Most extensions that require schema updates will say so in their documentation.One common issue is that logs and tmp directories and subdirectories must be writable both by the web server and the command line user.On a UNIX system, if your web server user is different from your command line user, you can run the following commands from your application directory just once in your project to ensure that permissions will be setup properly: On Windows, the file should be executable already.While this chapter focuses primarily on setting up on Apache (because it’s simple to install and setup), Cake PHP will run on a variety of web servers such as nginx, Light HTTPD, or Microsoft IIS.


After the installation completes, your Cake PHP application is ready to go! It is aimed to help developers install Cake PHP for the first time and set up a development environment quickly.

Be sure to keep the and files with the rest of your source code.

You can now visit the path to where you installed your Cake PHP application and see the default home page.

As such, make sure the directories logs, tmp and all its subdirectories in your Cake PHP installation are writable by the web server user.

Composer’s installation process makes tmp and its subfolders globally writeable to get things up and running quickly but you can update the permissions for better security and keep them writable only for the web server user.After installing your application using one of the methods above into the directory of your choosing - we’ll assume you chose /cake_install - your production setup will look like this on the file system: Alright, let’s see Cake PHP in action.



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