Updating sky software


Using the high speed mode, productions can shoot at virtually any frame rate and shutter angle.It has been tested up to 25,000 fps and down to a two-degree shutter angle with no adverse effects on image quality. Streaming ACN (also known as s ACN) is fully implemented in Sky Panel Firmware 3.0.Simply connect the Sky Panel to a network via the Ether Con connector and once connected, use a web browser to access the Sky Panel web server and instantly adjust any Sky Panel parameter.This means you can now make setting adjustments from a device such as your mobile phone without having to touch the Sky Panel itself.Sky Panel Source Matching makes it even easier and faster to match a light source in the location you are shooting by simply picking the corresponding source from a list.The new Sky Panel High Speed Mode is a highly requested feature that will allow users to shoot at extreme frame rates and camera settings.


Sky Panel’s calibrated light engine makes it possible to reproduce virtually any color.Sky Panel is known for its impressive output, but with camera sensors becoming more sensitive, the ability to produce good quality low light levels is also important.The Low End Mode enables Sky Panel to generate accurate CCTs with high color rendition and smooth dimming at very low light levels.The Sky Panel’s calibrated light engine reproduces color filters more accurately than a lighting console and enables users to select familiar gels in seconds via the on-board controls or through a new DMX protocol.

Sky Panel gel libraries comprise Rosco and Lee filter categories that include color corrections, party colors, Rosco Cal Color, Storaro Selection and many more.

In addition, these values can be stored as a preset for easy access later.



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