Validating serial number


The last section can be any 10 alphanumeric characters.Keep in mind that this format is merely an example.As for storage, it really depends on if you frequently need to do queries on subfields of the number.If you don't, it's most robust to store it in the preferred format for reading it, that is, with the dashes.sequences the serial number DLL file custom action after any user-defined custom actions.Thus, if you add your own custom action and schedule it after the Customer Information dialog, the installation launches this custom action before the serial number DLL file custom action.



I'm having some trouble understanding this point of view.

So for example: 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111. But this may change, since our software isn't actually creating the serial numbers.


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    Die Eltern übernehmen die volle und automatische Verantwortung für das Verhalten von Nutzern unter dem Alter von 18.

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