Various dating methods


Ingredients cooked this way are small, thin, and already tender — think sautéing ground meat and roasting vegetables.

The moist-heat cooking method involves cooking with water or stock, like poaching fish and steaming broccoli.

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Whether you’re preparing a feast far in advance or whipping up a quick dinner, once you’ve mastered these basic cooking methods, it will be easy to pair ingredients with their appropriate cooking techniques.

Have you ever heard of sautéing a cake or grilling french fries?

How about steaming a leg of lamb or simmering cookies? If these techniques sound a little odd to you, too, it’s because there are certain cooking methods that coordinate with specific foods.

In order to get the desired outcome for whatever you’re making, you first have to choose the right way to cook it — and we’ll show you how.


Click here to see 15 Basic Cooking Methods That You Need to Know (Slideshow) Choosing the correct cooking method not only impacts the final product, but also affects the texture, appearance, and flavor of the dish.

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