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De Queen High School senior Quinton Thornton was joined Friday morning by his family and coaches as he announced he would be continuing his football career at Henderson State University.

Thornton stated he plans to major in education and be a coach.

Even in years where the flu shot is not perfect, it is still the best protection from the flu that is available.

Other important ways you can help prevent the spread of the flu is: washing your hands, avoiding people who are sick, coughing into your elbow, avoid toughing your face and eyes, and staying home when you are sick.

Noel reported the department also gets funds from its annual membership drive. City residents pay their dues monthly on their water bills, but residents in the service area but outside the city limits need to renew their dues the first of each year.

The Ashdown High School Scholarship Committee will soon be awarding scholarships to 2018 graduates, as it has since its formation in 1986, and contributors are encouraged to either continue sending their donations as they have in previous years or to become a new donor and contribute to the success of new Ashdown High School graduates in their post-secondary endeavors.


The purpose is to more strictly enforce rules that limit truck drivers from driving for such long hours that they get drowsy or distracted.Teague said the popularity of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has fueled the spread of concerns about the potential effect on livestock haulers.The highway police and advocates for livestock haulers who studied the details of the new trucking regulations want people to know that the exemptions for hauling horses and cattle are still in place.Scholarship recipients will be announced and scholarships will be awarded at the scholarship tea. To be awarded to a 2018 graduate, contributions must be received by April 2nd.

They may be mailed to or dropped off at the Ashdown School District Administration Office at 751 Rankin Street, Ashdown, Arkansas 71822. He also said the 4-H adult leader that raises the most money during the fair, will kiss a calf.Flu symptoms include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, muscle or body aches, fatigue and a headache.



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