Who is patrick dempsey dating

He made the transition to television in the 1990s, landing several recurring roles on sitcoms and drama series, including an Emmy-nominated performance for Once & Again in 2001. Mc Dreamy”- on the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.In 2004, he co-starred in HBO’s acclaimed iron Jawed Angels with Hilary Swank and Anjelica Huston. The series debuted on ABC as a midseason replacement and has since become one of the most highly rated shows on Televisions.He eventually segued into the theater, performing in several plays including the lead role in “Brighton Beach Memoirs in San Francisco and The Subject was Roses in New York City.During the late 1980’s, Dempsey became a teen heartthrob after being cast in the romantic comedies “Heaven Help Us, Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Loverboy”. And then, even more heartbreaking, Dempsey's wife Jillian Fink filed for divorce after three kids and an impressive 15 years of marriage.Call us crazy, but we were rooting for the reunion of these two even more than we were for 's Mer and Der when they broke up the first time (and the second, and the third...).

Have two of Hollywood's hottest divorcees found comfort in each other's arms?

Both stars began divorce proceedings this year — Jennifer with a very public split from Ben Affleck and Patrick from wife Jillian Fink — and the story is they decided to finally explore that chemistry further, starting with a coffee date a few months ago.



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