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I mention a meeting I had with Woodward, Perego and other scientists at the SMGF - Soresnon Molecular Genealogy Foundation office in Salt Lake back in 2004.Ugo Perego commented on FAIR - Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research about my Rf M - Recovery from Mormonism post and this particular meeting. [SGS RFM post] When I resigned in 1998 after discovering DNA evidence that American Indians were essentially all descended from Asian ancestors, I was counselled by the Area Presidency to get in touch with Professor Scott Woodward, a world-renowned DNA expert at BYU.How could I possibly influence BYU and what could possibly be my motive?

He, like you, is keen that the information is given to the right people, but he is also aware of how little the Brethren know about this kind of thing and the amount of teaching that would have to take place before the ideas could be accepted. It is clear from this exchange that Scott Woodward had struggled with the DNA evidence for some time prior to this conversation.

In a handful of email exchanges that I had with Woodward, in amongst his lengthy molecular apologetics, he admitted that he had found it difficult to talk to other people about the DNA work and that after a few years of struggling he had reconciled most of the issues it raised.

UP (Ugo Perego) The use of the word discovering is interesting in the opening sentence of Southertons remarks.

It was in the context of it doesnt fit with what many members believe about American Indians.

UP Woodwards emails from 1998 were eventually edited by Southerton and forwarded to LDS Church leaders in Utah, with the objective of hurting Woodwards teaching position at BYU. When in 2004 Southerton visited Woodward at SMGF, he admitted his earlier intentions and apologized for what he did in 1998. SGS Perego was present at the meeting but is not aware of a lot of other details of what transpired several years earlier between Scott and me.Sponsored Links Outside companies pay to advertise via these links when specific phrases and words are searched.



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